SamsGazebos Wishing Well Wood Planter 54 Inch

$ 799.99


Product Details

 Highlight your favorite plants in style with this wishing well wood planter.

  • Made in the USA, custom built quality with superb craftsmanship of a 4th generation boat builder.
  • Complete with shingle roof, a hanging bucket planter, and a large raised planter with drain holes.
  • Treated with oil based transparent brown wood preservative, ready to finish to your liking, or can be left as is for a rustic look.
  • Easy to assemble with a screw driver: roof, two posts, bucket, box, and four 1 x 6 pieces.
  • A planter box is 27" W x 21" L x 27-1/2" T and 9-1/2" deep (69 cm W x 70 cm T x 24 cm D) and the four 1 x 6 pieces can be removed for larger plants.
  • Overall Dimensions: 32" W x 55-1/2" T x 22-1/2" L (81 cm W x 141 cm T x 57 cm L)
  • Shipping Weight: 78 lb.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 27"W x 29" L x 35"T

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